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Roof Repairs & Roof Replacement

Many homeowners tend to only think about roof repairs when they’re faced with a leak or other problems that need immediate attention.

Is it better to repair or replace my roof?

This question can only be answered accurately by a qualified roofer. Custom Roof provide free repair or replacement inspections that will uncover the root cause of your roof problems.

A patch repair is only effective if it permanently solves the problem and prevents moisture from entering your home. Don’t let a short-term fix leave you with long-term problems. Instead, opt for a professional roof assessment to assess how long you can extend your roof’s lifespan and whether repairs or replacements provide the most cost-effective benefit.

That’s where our team of qualified roofers comes in – we specialise in providing honest roof assessments. We will uncover your roof’s faults and provide you with a clear and concise plan of action.

Our experience of over 15 years has given us the insight needed to understand the various stages of roofs and their life expectancies. As a result, we have the forethought to know which option will be your most cost-effective long-term solution.

We are here to help with the big decisions

We understand it can be a daunting task knowing which is the right decision – repair or replace. We offer free inspections, trustworthy assessments and accurate, competitive quotes to help you make the best choice.

We take pride in providing informed advice to our customers, taking into account the age of the roof, the level of damage and the overall condition of your home.

We know that prevention is the key to avoiding future problems, which is why we work with you to identify the best course of action that will keep your roof in peak condition for years to come.


We will guide you through the handover process. Once we receive your details and requirements, we swiftly forward them to our roof repair partners.


Because we understand that this could be unexpected and overwhelming, we provide you with key information without overcomplicating it.

We keep it simple

Through open and honest communication, we will let you know:

  • What needs to be done
  • How it will be done
  • When it will be done
  • How much it will cost – competitive quotes

Pre-purchase roof replacement

Pre-purchase roof replacement estimate service - $180.00 plus GST

Buying a new home or investment property can be an exciting experience, but it’s important to ensure that your investment is sound.

That’s where our pre-purchase roof assessment services come in.
Get a reliable, fast estimate for roof replacement. Let us provide you with the information you need for bank approval or negotiation purposes.

Our process includes surveying the property from a distance, using Google Earth tools y and aerial photos. This allows us to measure distances and angles with accuracy, so we can provide an estimate of costs for roof replacement.

Roofing quotations

All roof quotations/estimates for the purpose of Real Estate negotiations or Bank Approvals are charged at $180.00 plus GST (eg. when the property is not yet owned or is on the market for sale). 

Should you choose to proceed with the roof replacement works after your real estate transaction is complete, we will be out on site as soon as possible to take full measures and provide you with a competitive fixed-price quotation.

Armed with the correct information,you can have peace of mind knowing you’re making an informed decision about your roof.